Café Royal

Throw back several years. I was chosen to participate in Café Royals 2013 Publication and exhibition. Books, photographs, and drawings from over 20 countries sharing common themes of communication and dissemination where displayed at Hanover Project - the University of Central Lancashire. 

Weekend with giants

I spent this past weekend in our family's old house, built 1896, by Isak Gustaf Clason. That is the same architect that did Nordiska Museet and Hallwylska Palatset in Stockholm. Famous Swedish artists such as Carl Larsson, Zorn and Arborelius used to hang out in the house painting and drinking absint til the early mornings. Always such an inspiration visiting this house.

Limited edition prints!

Today my shop opens. I will be selling exclusive prints in a signed, limited edition. The motives are the same as the original paintings that will be exhibited at Liljevalchs vårsalong in January. Ordered prints will be shipped January 11th, on the same day as Liljevalchs vårsalong opens.